Finally converted my old Compaq Presario to Linux

I used Linux for development at Oracle, and in my undergrad OS course, but never really set up a Linux machine before.  I always only had 1 machine, and it’s really painful to install Linux without having a connection to the internet

I gave up on trying to get Ubuntu server to connect with the network. I think the problem could be that I do not have a router, and am connecting the desktop straight to the modem. I have not gotten networking to work on Ubuntu desktop either, but hopefully that will change soon.

Edit: “Hello world! Blogging from my Ubuntu desktop!” Turns out that the network connection just works upon reboot.  After spending ~3 hours trying to configure the Ubuntu server network connection yesterday, this is like magic.


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2 Responses to Finally converted my old Compaq Presario to Linux

  1. wearn says:

    vi is strange on ubuntu desktop too. It does the A B thing when you go up and down. Let me know if you figure out how to fix that. 😀

  2. alexisylchan says:

    That’s interesting. I don’t remember having a problem with vi on Ubuntu 12.0.4 . I’m not at my desktop, so I can’t check what version of vi/vim I had installed, or if I have the same problem as you.
    This page suggests using vim. (Just use vim yourfile.txt instead of vi yourfile.txt

    This suggests (re)installing vim using “sudo apt-get install vim” (if using vim doesn’t fix your usecase)

    I found the vi vs vim debate on Stack Overflow 🙂

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