Smart Pointers

When I first started my ParaView project, I ignored vtkSmartPointer because using vtkSmartPointer made it very difficult for me to debug and understand the large number of classes in VTK and ParaView.

As I started my quest to be a better developer, and improving my understanding of C++ , i discovered the RAII idiom and smart pointers. Apparently if you use a smart pointer to a resource instead of a regular pointer, the compiler counts the number of references to the resource and deletes the allocated memory when the resource is no longer referenced.


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2 Responses to Smart Pointers

    • Alexis Chan says:

      Yep, I first became comfortable with smart pointers when I used Boost smart pointers for an interview question. I was mentioning VTK’s implementation of smart pointers in the context of my ParaView project.

      When I wrote this blog post, I actually did not look into the implementation of vtkSmartPointer – that was bad. Your comment prompt me to look it up – apparently they do use reference counting, but the reference count is stored in the object, not the smart pointer:

      I’ve never implemented a smart pointer or garbage collection, so I’m sure I’ve missed some nuances of the implementation, but this seems like a good place to start if I have the time for it :

      Today, a friend also mentioned that C# has smart pointers for memory management even though it has garbage collection – apparently the implementation is different from C++ – STL or Boost.

      If you do find anything that summarizes the different implementation of smart pointers, do let me know. Thanks for sharing!

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