Paper-writing stream of thoughts

First impressions count when time is a constraint: Am currently ranking research papers that I have read and I realized that a good title is often very essential – I remember more about the paper’s content and am more biased to give it a higher ranking compared to papers that I do not recall as well.

When time is a constraint, sometimes it is necessary to let go of perfectionism in order to complete the project with a coherent and professional presentation. When the presentation of a project does not appear professional or “polished”, then the work that goes into the project is in danger of being ignored by the target audience. This does not mean that we have to sacrifice accuracy or academic/journalistic/professional integrity – part of what makes the presentation appear professional or “polished” is a report of the gaps that we could have filled or improvements that we could have implemented if we were given more time. The important thing is to assess the ETA and allocate enough time to prepare a professional presentation or report rather than getting fixated on a technical problem and not having a coherent and professional conclusion.


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