How to approach a problem

How to approach a problem:

  1. Look at overall requirement
  2. What is the main goal?
  3. What are the lowest hanging fruits? Attack those first.
  4. When blocked by something
    1. is it an implementation detail that is more specific? Table for later.
    2. is it some information that you may need in order to solve the problem? Pursue immediately unless if you cannot get to it after trying to figure out. Don’t ignore just because you don’t have the library or it feels easier to throw jello at the wall.
    3. Coding productivity
      1. Always always always grep
      2. Read API
      3. Read Test Cases
      4. debug statemetns
      6. commandline input
      8. unit testcases
      9. version control
      10. choose starting point when you are most productive.  Startup times takes the longest.
      11. sort files
      12. Use batch files, DO NOT change system paths!!

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